Amazon trying to change how we shop? 0    0

Aquicore CMO Shana Glenzer on Amazon’s effort to change how consumers shop with its Dash Button. Watch Stuart Varney talk about Ecommerce on Varney.

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Lisa Nichols: Live a PURPOSE Driven LIFE - #MentorMeNichols 0    0

✎ In today's video we're learning from Lisa Nichols on how to live a purpose driven life! ❤ HELP TRANSLATE THIS VIDEO ❤ If you loved this video, help people in other countries enjoy it too by m...

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5 B'S For Work Life Balance 0    0

Sandra Susino is a veteran co-founder and/or leader of several innovative high-growth ventures--including one company acquired by Groupon. Sandra Susino, the COO of tells you how to easily ac...

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John Green on Paper Towns and Why Learning is Awesome | TED ... 0    0

Some of us learn best in the classroom, and some of us ... well, we don't. But we still love to learn, to find out new things about the world and challenge our minds. We just need to find the...

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Startup San Diego SDSW 2015 Day 4 0    0

Wednesday ended with good times and networking at the Startup Crawl! We get to see offices of local startups, co-working space, and meet attendees and organizers behind the crawl!

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Harvard i-lab | 2015 President’s Challenge Demo Day and Wi... 0    0

We are pleased to invite you to the President’s Challenge Demo Day here at the i-lab. The President's Challenge encouraged students from across Harvard to apply their knowledge and come up ...

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AOL CEO: Content Will Be 'Great Differentiator' for Digital ... 0    0

July 7 -- AOL CEO Tim Armstrong discusses the company's goals, bids for Yahoo and making deals. He speaks with David Gura at the Allen & Co. Sun Valley Conference in Sun Valley, Idaho...

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LUCY by 4IDEN 7ARSI 0    0

(Prod SouthPolar) 47shit Mixed and Mastered by myself Follow me on Instagram: @4iden7arsi Produced by SouthPolar [FREE] NAV TYPE BEAT PROD. SOUTHPOLAR Beats for the ...

4IDEN 7ARSI 116 Vues


(Prod MiiiKXY) 47shit Mixed and Mastered by myself Follow me on Instagram: @4iden7arsi Shouts to Amethyst Rockstars Produced by MiiiKEY Twitter : https://twi...

4IDEN 7ARSI 116 Vues

RAIN by 4IDEN 7ARSI 0    0

(Prod Ajayluded) Black Sheep Prod. Free for non-profit Soundcloud: Ajayluded Instagram: ajayluded

4IDEN 7ARSI 113 Vues


Recorded, mixed, and mastered in an hour. I DO NOT own the beat. Shouts to Origami

4IDEN 7ARSI 112 Vues

ROCKY VI by 4IDEN 7ARSI 0    0

(Prod jiabeats) Produced by mastr splintr Free for *non-profit* use Contact: Follow Us: mastr splintr-

4IDEN 7ARSI 114 Vues


DAGABEATMAKER© TAGS: Инструментальный хип-хоп свободное использование Instrumental hip hop free use Instrumental Hip-Hop- freie Nutzung Utilisation grat...

4IDEN 7ARSI 114 Vues

1974 by 4IDEN 7ARSI 0    0

(Prod Canis Major) Schoolboy Q *Oxymoron* Type Beat *FREE* 1974 (Prod. Canis Major) Downl...

4IDEN 7ARSI 113 Vues

GRIMEY by 4IDEN 7ARSI 0    0

(Prod Mayor) Free 90's Oldschool Joey Bada$$ / Mobb Deep / Nas / Big L type beat grimey (prod. Mayor) YOUTUBE - SOUNDCLOUD - MP3 - htt...

4IDEN 7ARSI 114 Vues

How Discwoman Is Diversifying Electronic Music - 30 Under 30... 0    0

In 2014, Emma Burgess-Olson, Frankie Decaiza Hutchinson and Christine McCharren-Tran founded Discwoman. The platform, collective and booking agency represents and highlights oft-overlooked cis, trans ...

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Coming Soon To A Device Near You | KPMGVoice | Forbes 0    0

The evolving world of all-access media The most challenging thing about watching television used to be getting the TV set to pick up the few programs that were on the air. Subscribe to FORBES: https...

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Liz Wessel: I Fall Asleep At 3:00AM - Relentless | Forbes 0    0

Liz Wessel is the cofounder and CEO of WayUp, a platform built to help students find jobs during and after college. Follow her through a typical day in her life. Subscribe to FORBES: https://www.yout...

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Immersive Media And The Art of Storytelling | KPMGVoice | Fo... 0    0

Felix & Paul Studios uses cinematic virtual reality to put the viewer at the center of the scene. Montreal-based filmmakers Felix LaJeunesse and Paul Raphael have a passion for immersive media...

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The Drone Racing League Brings A Futuristic Sport To Life | ... 0    0

The Drone Racing League is one part sports league and one part tech company. DRL creates drone tech and has the best drone pilots in the world race on bright, neon race courses. Subscribe to FORBES: ...

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How One Brooklyn Mom Capitalized On The Unicorn Trend | Forb... 0    0

This is how one Brooklyn mom used her Etsy success to launch a career selling unicorn themed items. Subscribe to FORBES: Stay Connected Forbes ...

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The Power of Media Choice | KPMGVoice | Forbes 0    0 is bringing platform agnostic content discovery to media consumption. Back in the day, all you needed was a copy of “TV Guide” to know what was on TV. When cable took over, the on-screen ...

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Fighting Genetic Disease In Israel's Bedouin Community - 30 ... 0    0

Dr. Yasmeen Abu-Fraiha is the cofounder and Executive Director of GENESIS, a non-profit organization working toward reducing genetic disease in the Bedouin community in Israel. Subscribe to FORBES: ...

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Randi Zuckerberg On Being A Woman in Tech | Seat of Power | ... 0    0

Emily Drewry interviews Randi Zuckerberg about her journey in the tech field. Aired on Twitter and Periscope 8/15/17. Subscribe to FORBES: Stay...

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Florida's Newest Luxury Developments | Forbes 0    0

Louise Sunshine got her start in real estate as Donald Trump's original apprentice. Today she's overseeing Florida's latest, and most luxurious, developments. Subscribe to FORBES:

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Vanessa Stofenmacher: My Car Is My Escape Pod - Relentless |... 0    0

Forbes 30 Under 30 member Vanessa Stofenmacher is the founder of Los Angeles-based direct-to-consumer fine jewelry startup Vrai & Oro. It sells pieces like minimalist pave diamond necklaces at...

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Dividends Aplenty: How To Profit From REITs As Rates Rise | ... 0    0

In this Forbes Webcast, recorded live, Forbes contributor and author of The Intelligent REIT Investor Brad Thomas walks you through why you should own REITs and which ones to add in your portfolio. S...

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Zach Wigal On Helping Children Heal With Video Games - 30 Un... 0    0

Zach Wigal is the founder of Gamers Outreach, a nonprofit that helps kids cope with long-term medical treatment by providing gaming hardware and software to hospitals. Subscribe to FORBES: https://ww...

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Calvin Harris Tops DJ List; Disney Announces New Streaming S... 0    0

Subscribe to FORBES: Stay Connected Forbes on Facebook: Forbes Video on Twitter: Forbes ...

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Music Video

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An alternative to Instagram and Pinterest 0    0

On phlow, photographers and photo lovers can find photos and follow themes they love. By following themes (or streams ex: #blackandwhitephotography #fashionphotography) and not people, users get to se...

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Complete IPL Schedule 2017 1    1

With an aim of holding the trophy in their hands, the IPL teams seem all geared up to battle it out on the field. Though each will be seen taking different paths but the destination will be only one, ...

Blog-beats45 261 Vues

IPL Match Today 2017 1    1

Today’s 22nd IPL match of the VIVO IPL 2017 is to be held at Holkar Cricket Stadium, Indore at 20:00 IST. The teams for the IPL match today are Kings XI Punjab and Mumbai Indians who would be seen f...

Blog-beats45 275 Vues

IPL 2017-Team Royal Challengers Bangalore 0    0

Team Royal Challengers Bangalore is all ready to battle it out on the field at the IPL 2017 matches.

Blog-beats45 489 Vues

NearbyHelp 10    0

Hey there! Looking for a job? Having trouble getting your talents discovered by the world? Perhaps you are just looking for a professional worker to hire in your city. Visit TODAY...

Blaze 5,071 Vues

The Ultimate Club Penguin Island Help 0    1

Club Penguin Island Help achieves to become your #1 Help and News website for everything Club Penguin Island. From our detailed Guides to our fast reporting skills we offer you the best of Club Pengui...

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GamerCreek’s Holiday Giveaway 0    0

To the first ever GamerCreek holiday giveaway. This Christmas we’ll be giving away a Digital Xbox One code for Assassin’s Creed Unity. All you have to do is complete the task below. Some of the ta...

Blaze 883 Vues

GamerCreek Launches in 11 Days 0    0

Website- Twitter- @TheGamerCreek We’re happy to announce the official launch of a community dedicated to people to like to play games. Create a profile, join groups, communicate ...

Blaze 532 Vues

DJ Dirty Brown – Comic Series Of A Magical Girl With Magic... 5    2

DJ Dirty Brown is a 13 issue comic series that is all about a magical girl who is a DJ in a town. This comic series is for all teenagers, as well as adults who are young at heart. This musical adve...

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Script Taste Introducing the Icon Creator 0    0

We believe social networks should be more social. Introducing the Icon Creator on Script Taste. It used to be a rumor that we were going to release an icon creator, but many issues were in the way fro...

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Script Taste is out to the public 0    0

Script Taste is a brand new social network, but for developers. Allowing users to follow each other, get their message trending, earn badges, and meet new developers just like them.

Script Taste 613 Vues

Social Network For Developers 1    0

Introducing a new social network, but for developers. Join free today at

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Script Taste Releasing Tomorrow 0    0

Don't be like Spongebob. Use Script Taste starting tomorrow for faster coding solutions.

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What can Script Taste do for you? 1    2

Some people may ask, "What can users do on Script Taste?" Well, we have an answer for you!

Script Taste 653 Vues

The Easiest QA Service For Coders 1    1

There's 18.5 million developers in the world, but how many know that Script Taste is a Question to Answer service for developers?

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Graphic & Web Design Projects. 8    5

I am just uploading a small amount of the projects I have worked on in the past few months of doing graphic design. I can also do professional Web Design and some sleek UI/UX Mobile designs. Fiverr...

Eoin Keenan Qui... 1,047 Vues

StartupCVs 2    0

StartupCVs is an online-recruiting-platform which connects leading startups with the brightest minds across all seniorities. It is the easiest and most effective way for a candidate to get in touch...

Startupcvs 869 Vues

Rocketclub 5    3

What is RocketClub? RocketClub is the first crowd ownership platform, giving any individual the ability to own a real stake in startup companies. The platform allows startup companies to distribute...

Rocketclub 897 Vues


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Speaker John Boehner to resign in October | Mashable News 0    0

House Speaker John Boehner will resign in October to the shock of almost everyone in Capitol Hill. Full story: The news leaked Friday morning after Boehner made the surpris...

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Water May Still Flow on the Surface of Mars Today | Mashable... 0    0

At least some water likely still flows on the surface of Mars, a new study suggests. Full story: New data from NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter lends more eviden...

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Pope Francis at the U.N.: We Can Do Better | Mashable news 0    0

Pope Francis gave world leaders a sweeping moral lecture on Friday before the United Nations General Assembly in New York City, covering poverty, climate change, drug trafficking, the spread of nuclea...

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Anger, Criticism Rising at Saudi Government for Hajj Stamped... 0    0

As countries tally the numbers of dead and injured from the stampede near Mecca — the anger outside Saudi Arabia continues to grow. Full story: The loudest critic among t...

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Finnish Protesters Attack Refugee Bus with Fireworks and Sto... 0    0

Fireworks, stones and beer bottles were thrown at a bus bringing asylum seekers to a refugee center in Finland on Sept. 24. According to state broadcaster YLE, the bus was carrying roughly 40 asylum s...

Netlodge 664 Vues

5 Adventures to Try in Southern Thailand | Mashable 0    0

From rock climbing to snorkeling, southern Thailand offers a range of adventures and the opportunity to experience its natural beauty in different ways. MASHABLE ON YOUTUBE Subscribe to Mashable: ht...

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Hundreds Light Up Grand Central Station with Their Dancing |... 0    0

A free dance-workout party was held in Grand Central Terminal and New Yorkers from all walks of life joined in the fun. MASHABLE ON YOUTUBE Subscribe to Mashable: MASHA...

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Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe Shouts: We Are Not Gays! ... 0    0

Zimbabwe's infamously outspoken President Robert Mugabe, who has ruled the country for over three decades, went on a tirade against extended human rights to gay people in his country during a...

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Watch a Stunning Timelapse of the Rare Supermoon Lunar Eclip... 0    0

If you looked up at the night sky at the right time on Sunday, you probably saw the rare blood-red supermoon lunar eclipse, which could be seen from the Americas, Europe, Africa, parts of Asia and the...

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Stage Collapses Around Carly Fiorina During Texas Event | Ma... 0    0

Surging GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina and attendees at a San Antonio event on Sunday afternoon got more excitement than they bargained for when the stage curtain structure collapsed around ...

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Dancers-Turned-Divers Put on Majestic Underwater Performance... 0    0

Fourteen dancers performed an underwater dance at Cape Sounion, many of whom are disabled. The performance was at a depth of about 16 feet. The 40-member underwater audience had to be certified divers...

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The BMX Businessman: 4K Short Film Shot on iPhone 6S Plus | ... 0    0

The Mashable video team took a spin with the new iPhone 6s Plus and this is what they came up with. Be sure to set your player resolution to the highest quality available for the best experience. Sho...

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Tesla Model X - First Look Preview | Mashable 0    0

First look at the new Tesla Model X, including footage of a test drive, the doors opening and detailed interior shots. Read our full review of the Model X here: MASHABLE ON...

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Suspected Oregon Shooter's Father: 'Shocked Is All I Can Say... 0    0

On Thursday evening after a mass shooting in Oregon that left 10 dead, family members of suspected gunman Chris Harper-Mercer, who died during gunfire exchange with police, spoke out to media. More: h...

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You're Addicted to the Internet | Mashable Explains 0    0

We hate to break it to you, but you’re probably addicted to the Internet. Social media, websites and smart devices are changing the way we think and act on and offline. Hey, Mashable Explains is...

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Bees Swarm Highway Patrol Vehicle After Truck Overturns | Ma... 0    0

On Sept. 29, a semitruck hauling honeybees overturned on I-35 in Oklahoma, causing the bees to escape from their hives. This footage shows the inside of a highway police cruiser that was swarmed by be...

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Obama and Putin: 6 Years of Awkward Encounters | Mashable Ne... 0    0

Russian President Vladimir Putin came to New York and met with President Barack Obama for a discussion of the civil war in Syria and the Ukraine crisis. As usual, it was awkward -- just one uncomforta...

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Take a 900-Foot Walk Over a Gorge Via a Glass-Bottomed Bridg... 0    0

China's first glass-bottomed suspension bridge is now open. The nearly 600-foot-high, 900-foot-long bridge is located in the Shiniuzhai National Geological Park in Pingjiang County and it jus...

Netlodge 604 Vues

Palestinian Flag Raised at UN for the First Time Ever | Mash... 0    0

The flag of the Palestinian Authority was raised at the United Nations in New York City on Wednesday for the first time. The event came after years of controversy and debate over the issue. Full stor...

Netlodge 555 Vues

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and 'The Walk' Cast Play 'Would You Rat... 0    0

Mashable Entertainment Reporter Yohana Desta sat down for a friendly game of "Would You Rather?" with "The Walk" cast members James Badge Dale, Ben Schwartz, Charlo...

Netlodge 555 Vues

Netanyahu Holds Epic Staring Contest With the UN | Mashable ... 0    0

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu is not too pleased with the U.N., a point he made excruciatingly clear during a speech to the General Assembly on Thursday. The next 45 seconds were about as...

Netlodge 610 Vues

Muay Thai Boxing is Breathtaking in Slow Motion | Mashable 0    0

Muay Thai boxing is the national sport of Thailand and a popular form of entertainment for both locals and tourists. If you can't watch a fight live, watching it in slow motion may be the nex...

Netlodge 547 Vues

Unfortunate Leopard Gets Its Head Stuck in a Pot for 6 Hours... 0    0

A thirsty leopard got its head stuck in a metal pot while trying to get a drink of water at a North Indian village on Wednesday according to local media reports. Officials took more than six hours to ...

Netlodge 555 Vues

This British Garden Disappeared into a Massive Sinkhole Over... 0    0

People were evacuated from their homes in St. Albans overnight after a large sinkhole opened up at the end of a driveway. Full story: The hole, which measures 20 metres by ...

Netlodge 523 Vues

The Moving Candlelight Vigil Held in Oregon Last Night | Mas... 0    0

Hours after tragedy struck a community college in Roseburg, Oregon, thousands across the state gathered at vigils commemorating victims. A candlelight vigil was held in Roseburg's Stewart Par...

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Get Netlodge on your mobile app! 0    0

Create, collect and share what you love about startups. Netlodge lets you discover and post videos, podcasts and posts. Download on your mobile phone here:

Yan-gorshtenin9... 763 Vues

Best Android Email Apps 2016 4    0

Email is one of the most seasoned types of web communication and one of only a handful few from “the good worth days” that despite everything we utilize today. Email has developed ...

Topapps4uu 493 Vues

Netlodge x Techday LA 2016 0    0

Create, collect and share what you love about startups. Netlodge lets you discover and post videos, podcasts and posts about startups, tech, marketing, sales and more. Production Ready. Drive...

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TWiStartups - PODCASTS (1,000+) 0    0

Serial entrepreneur Jason Calacanis and a rotating group of guest experts bring you this bi-weekly take on the best, worst, most outrageous and interesting startups and stories from the Web world. ...

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Cash Flow by Startup School - PODCAST 0    0

On this week’s episode of Seth Godin’s Startup School we learn how to solve the cash flow problem. Seth discusses why people are rarely motivated by money, how people can&rsquo...

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Netlodge - For Startups, By startups. 1    0

We just released a page directly about Startups. Come check it out here: Comment below and we'll list your startup right away.

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Launch of the first online translation tool for freelancers!... 13    1

After 5 years as a professional freelance translator, I had an epiphany at 4am while working on an extra difficult and painful project. I saw a better way to do translation, by showing instant dict... 1,169 Vues

We Wish You A Merry Christmas ! 0    0

Merry Christmas from the team at Netlodge! via

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Loving Netlodge! 1    0

Thank you for providing a great resource for us to find great startup and business related content. We will be watching daily! Keep it up Yan and the Netlodge team! 485 Vues