The 16 year YOUNG entrepreneur, Yan Gorshtenin interviewed with Business Excavator

Published 2 years ago

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What is the best age for you to start a business? When you are at 20? 30? 40? or 60?
‘Age is just a number’, says our guest Yan Gorshtenin, the founder and the CEO of NETLODGE.

I was super excited to interview him not just because he is the owner of a company, but also because he is just 16 years old. Yes, you heard it right, he is 3 years younger than me and definitely younger than most of the people reading this interview.

Netlodge, which is often portrayed as the Netflix for entrepreneurs, is an awesome content sharing platform specifically made for startups and individual entrepreneurs. You can share your contents, videos, promote your business, connect with other entrepreneurs through this platform.

Yan Gorshtenin

Yan Gorshtenin

So, let’s directly come to the interview part. Here is an excerpt of my little chit-chat with him.

Me : Hey, Yan. You are talking to Ananta Bhat, founder of business excavator. It’s a pleasure.

Yan: Pleasure is all mine.

Me: So, what made you to start your company at such a young age?

Yan: I knew coding at the age of 14. I wanted to use it in a better way. I wanted to change the
way startups share content, and change the way entrepreneurs seek to find content.

Me : Tell me something about you and your company. When did you start your company?

Yan : I started Netlodge when I just turned 14, Believe it or not Netlodge’s birthday is April 1st. The idea was brought alive in production in October of 2014 and I never stopped working, from morning to midnight and those coffee nights;) These moments brought me to where I am today and I will never look back. I have failed many times before, but I have succeeded with Netlodge. There’s so many personal stories about Netlodge and myself I would love to share, but I don’t think we would have enough time to discuss about them.

Me : How much was your initial expenditure for your startup?
Yan : I only started with $10, I bought myself a domain name, hosting and I knew how to already program and make websites, so that saved me a lot of money.

Me : At the age of 14? That’s amazing. Where do you operate it from?
Yan : Los Angeles. That’s where I live.

Me: Have you started any other services associated with your company.
Yan: Of course, Netlodge environmental, Netlodge university , Netlodge tech.

Me : What is the main motto of your company?
Yan: I want to make it the netflix for entrepreneurs. A one stop place for them to find all the contents they need.

Me : What are the services that you provide?
Yan : content growth and pro subscription. We let entrepreneurs to publish their contents for a better exposure.netlodge logo

Me : As for now, how many entrepreneurs/startups are getting empowered from your services?
Yan : 60500+ startups and counting:)

Me : That’s a huge number. Which countries do they normally belong to?
Yan : US, Canada, Russia, China and Southern parts of America.

Me : Were there any circumstances where you thought your idea wouldn’t work? if yes, then how did you come out of those thoughts. If no, then why not?
Yan : No, i believed that if I kept working hard as i did that we would be where we are now.

Me : So, Yan. A bit personal question .How much do you earn now a days?
Yan : I wish I could disclose it. But I don’t want to and also, it varies from time to time. Sorry.

Me : I understand.That’s completely Ok. But you can disclose to our viewers how you earn it.
Yan : We earn via paid ADS, Subscriptions and private investors.

Me : when you think of your company’s future, what do you see?
Yan : One day,we will hit IPO.

Me : I hope that day comes sooner.Gift me some shares on that day:) Any other bigger dreams?
Yan : Haha…Nothing can be bigger than changing the world through Netlodge. And we will do it.

Me : So a final question. For the young entrepreneurs out there, what 5 important lessons would you like to teach?
Yan : Well, this what I learned as an entrepreneur.
1.Never give up, ever.
2.Time is money and the money you spend on your company is your time.
3.You always to have to listen to your customer, or even startup; put your time into them.
4.Don’t see your customers as users, see them as friends and make a connection.
5.Build a personal brand, not only for profit but to be known for what you do.

Me : So, any offers to the people reading this article?
Yan : 
For anyone reading this article, we will give you 20% for our upcoming upgrade we’re releasing and closed beta access to our new IOS app.

Me : Thank you for spending your time for this. I learned so much today. It means a lot to me and my readers. Good luck with your startup.
Yan : Same to you. And as always, pleasure is all mine.

So, that was it. A small chit chat with the 16 year old Yan, who is all ready to make a change in the world of entrepreneurs. Hope you liked it. Thank you. Do subscribe to business excavator to read more such exciting articles every week.