Netlodge Tech

Brand Development


Step 1 - Analyze Current Brand

Before we can begin building out your website, Netlodge will get to know every aspect of your brand. We review your company goals, sales process, and the persona of your ideal client to create the right Internet marketing plan for you. Our developer will get a feel for your values and vision, in order to incorporate as much as possible into your new website.

Step 2 - Build a Custom Website

Once each department has worked their magic on your brand, your Website Developer uses their expertise to put it all together. We input your customized design elements, expertly crafted content, and effective SEO strategies into one fully responsive, functional, beautiful website. We’ll put the finished product through a rigorous final check to ensure everything reflects your client persona, sales process, and business goals.

Step 3 - Constant Monitoring

As part of every solution, we offer unlimited edits to your website to improve user experience, help you rank higher on search engines, and more. Netlodge Developers are always asking themselves, “How can this function better?” We monitor your site for security and responsiveness to be sure you never miss out on a potential customer.


(We work with your budget)




STORES $700-1,200