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Finding Your Core Message with The Draw Shop Co-Founder Summ... 0    0

Summer Felix has been in Internet marketing “since Internet happened.” Her unique ability to connect with anyone and take on their voice led her to co-found The Draw Shop, a whiteboard animation s...

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Jim Brisimitzis and What Microsoft Can Do For Your Startup 0    0

We’re back at Quinn’s Pub for another round of Seattle’s most unique burgers. Chef Scott whips up a Korean version of Quinn’s Signature Burger, and joining to help us devour this ginger-infuse...

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Rodger Saffold On Starting A Business 0    0

Rodger Saffold Founder of Rise Nation and NFL Player explains how he started his business. He talks about the importance of having your team members on board with your vision and learning from your mi...

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The True Power Of Brand 0    0

Shaun Neff, CEO of Neff, goes Off Air. He talks about the power of a brand and how brands affected him at the young age of 12. He talks about how starting young without much experience was actually on...

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Leaders Create Leaders S2 EP2: Be Obsessed or Be Average - f... 0    0

Millennial Mentor Gerard Adams sits down with the Godfather Entrepreneur Grant Cardone. Gerard visits his headquarters in South Beach Miami, Florida.

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How to Get Started Even When You're Scared 0    0

Do you have an idea that keeps you up at night? You believe in it and talk about it with whoever will listen. However, you still haven't taken action on actually getting things moving. In this video, ...

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How Beth Helmstetter Built The Good Beginning 0    0

Beth Helmstetter is the founder of The Good Beginning and Beth Helmstetter Events. She sat down with me at her office to share the story behind the building of her brands. The Good Beginning streamli...

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Leaders Create Leaders S2 EP6: Make Money, Have Fun. - ft. K... 0    0

About ZinePak and its Co-Founders: Every brand has a story. Ours began in 2010, when co-founders Brittany Hodak and Kim Kaupe met at a New York City advertising agency. The pair shared a passion for p...

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NBA Champion John Salley Talks About the 554 Seed to Sale 5... 0    0

NBA Superstar and Entrepreneur John Salley talks to sports commentator Rob Stone at an exclusive Thuzio Executive Club event in Los Angeles. Salley shares his challenges launching his Cannabis busines...

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Chris Tucker Gives 3 Tips On Starting A Business 0    0

Chris Tucker is an American actor, stand-up comedian, and business owner! Alex Wehrley sits down with Chris at The Milken Global Conference to discuss The Chris Tucker Foundation: A non-profit organiz...

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7 Lessons for Young Entrepreneurs from a NASCAR Solopreneur 0    0

Julia Landauer, speaker, spokesperson, athlete and Nascar driver, discusses her entrepreneurial experience.

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Starting An Online Business Really Isn't That Hard 0    0

Entrepreneur Network partner Greg Rollett talks about the reality of starting an online business. Whether you are looking to create online courses, sell coaching, blog or Podcast, this world comes wit...

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How Leura Fine Built Laurel & Wolf 0    0

Leura Fine is entrepreneur behind Laurel & Wolf. She sat down with Jen Hacker at the Project Entrepreneur Summit to talk about building her brand. Laurel & Wolf connects clients acros...

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Building a Fan Following: Barry Meguiar Talks Cars & Communi... 0    0

From modest family business to a globally sought after company and television sensation, Barry Meguiar transformed the car care business, one gearhead at a time. How can you go about creating an avid ...

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Entrepreneurship: Have An Unreasonable Goal 0    0

Zane Lamprey, Creator of Adv3nture Hoodie (the most funded fashion Kickstarter ever) & Founder of #MonkeyRum explains why you should have an unreasonable goal.

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