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Pink Helmet Posse Starts Global Skateboarding Movement, Tran... 0    0

Business & Burgers co-hosts Scott Duffy and Alan Taylor are back at Muldoon’s Dublin Pub with Jason and Sarah Kenworthy, founders of Pink Helmet Posse, one of the fastest growing action spor...

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The Awesome but Buggy 360fly Cam Is for Early Adopters Only 0    0

The 360fly is a water-water-resistent virtual reality action sports camera that works with your phone and Google Cardboard. We tested the $400 camera at the California Academy of Sciences Steinhart Aq...

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BBW DO Fellow Steve Larosilliere Arrives at Campovida 0    0

BBW Do Fellow Steve Larosillere Arrives at Campovida for the first-ever USA Do Lectures. Steve is the co-founder of Stoked, a non-profit youth development organization that mentors and empowers teens ...

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Swivl Refocuses on Teachers & Presentations 0    0

Swivl is a robotic platform that allows the user to plug in a tablet, a smartphone or a DSLR for easier recording of a class lecture, presentations, and even action sports. With a growing customer bas...

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Tony Hawk Carves Out a New Niche 0    0

The action sports pioneer is about to introduce his latest revolutionary trick: a skateboard without wheels.

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