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Building a business in Cuba without Internet | Disrupt NY 20... 0    0

Bernardo Romero Gonzalez (Cubazon), Diana Elianne Benitez Perera (Knales), and Carlos Manuel García Vergara (Kewelta) talk to John Biggs about the nuances of burgeoning entrepreneurialism in Cuba. S...

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Telling the truth out loud with Campaign Zero's Brittany Pac... 0    0

Brittany Packnett of Campaign Zero sits down with Megan Rose Dickey to discuss checking innovation against racial equity, maintaining privacy and security, and the value of hashtag activism. Subscrib...

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Inside Yahoo's massive data breach with Bob Lord of Yahoo | ... 0    0

Frederic Lardinois talks with Yahoo's Bob Lord about the conditions surrounding the breaches that happened in September and December 2016 and their investigations into them. Subscribe to TechCrunch t...

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Optimizing space itself with WeWork's Adam Neumann | Disrupt... 0    0

WeWork's Adam Neumann talks with Connie Loizos about building operating systems for buildings, selling services, and building partnerships. Subscribe to TechCrunch today: TechC...

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Domuso is flexible rent payments now | Startup Battlefield D... 0    0

Shouldn't rent be as flexible as car payments? Domuso introduces a payment ecosystem that lets property owners set renters up with flexible payment terms. Subscribe to TechCrunch today:

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Media is not dead and the NY Times is ONIT with Mark Thompso... 0    0

Matthew Panzarino chats with Mark Thompson of the New York Times about living with Trump, the paper's mission, and future innovations for the media business model. Subscribe to TechCrunch today: http...

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Lyft and Waymo Partner Up on Self-Driving Cars | Crunch Repo... 0    0

It's the first day of TechCrunch Disrupt New York. Lyft and Waymo partner up on self-driving car technology, Sam Altman could potentially be running for governor of California and Apple acquires AI co...

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Founder Spotlight: WayUp's Liz Wessel | Disrupt NY 2017 0    0

WayUp's Liz Wessel talks to Mike Butcher about her desire to make an impact, what millenials want, and what we can learn from them. Subscribe to TechCrunch today: TechCrunch Di...

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Building silicon outside of the Valley with Steve Case | Dis... 0    0

Steve Case of Revolution Ventures sits down with John Biggs to discuss the equitable distribution of innovation and venture capital outside Silicon Valley and the AOL/Yahoo merger. Subscribe to TechC...

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Crisis Alert! Dataminr and NYC Emergency Management | Disrup... 0    0

Jon Shieber chats with Ted Bailey of Dataminr and NYC officials Ben Krakauer and Masha Gindler about partnering to protect the city through social media. Subscribe to TechCrunch today:

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Founder Spotlight: Lemonade's Daniel Schreiber | Disrupt NY ... 0    0

Daniel Schreiber of Lemonade discusses starting afresh in the insurance industry and the convoluted vagaries thereof with Mike Butcher. Subscribe to TechCrunch today: TechCrunc...

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Founder Spotlight: Tala's Shivani Siroya | Disrupt NY 2017 0    0

Mike Butcher talks with Tala's Shivani Siroya about reinventing credit for underserved populations and what it means to her. Subscribe to TechCrunch today: TechCrunch Disrupt i...

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Ford’s future focus with Raj Nair | Disrupt NY 2017 0    0

Darrell Etherington sits down with Raj Nair of Ford to talk everything autonomous driving, including tech trends, tactical acquisitions, and long-term strategies going forward. Subscribe to TechCrunc...

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Instagram's Kevin Weil doesn't worry about Snapchat | Disrup... 0    0

Instagram's Kevin Weil sits down with Josh Constine to discuss their relationship to Snapchat, the propagation of ideas, and the rationale behind the algorithmic feed. Subscribe to TechCrunch today: ...

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Create and discover original music with RecordGram | Startup... 0    0

On RecordGram, producers can upload backing tracks, artists can record vocals and shoot videos, and fans can buy the results. Subscribe to TechCrunch today: TechCrunch is excit...

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