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Why is end-of-life care neglected by the medical profession? 0    0

Why is end-of-life care neglected by the medical profession? Question: Why is end-of-life care neglected by the medical profession?   Ira Byock: Medicine is practiced today problem-based box, medi...

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How is technology changing education? 0    0

Teaching Shakespeare the way it was meant to be taught: on DVD. Ken Adelman: Well you certainly have the dispersal of information. You have the retrieval of information. You have from our teaching Sh...

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Mitt Romney: What Will a World in Which America is Not the S... 0    0

http://bigthink.com If you attack America, that you're gonna get a lot more coming back at you than you ever launched. Question: What will a world in which the U.S. is not the only supe...

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Re: What is your creative process? 0    0

Carter believes there is a reason so many lawyers turn to fiction. Virginia Postrel: People sometimes come up to me after I give talks. They say, "Oh tell me about your methodology,&...

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What makes a great leader? 0    0

Bring the future into the present and motivate. Question: What makes a great leader?Armitage:    I think there are three things.  First of all to be a great leader you have to have vision.  And ...

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Dignified Care for the Elderly 0    0

Only one in ten nursing homes is up to Federal standards, Butler says.

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Re: What is your outlook? 0    0

As a Christian, Carter says he is not permitted to despair. Question: Are you generally optimistic or pessimistic about the way the world is headed? Bill George: Well I'm an optimist b...

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Paul Barrett: What are the Roots of Islamic Fundamentalism? 0    0

http://bigthink.com Like fundamentalists in any religion, Islamic fundamentalists have a specific historical origin. Question: What are the roots of Islamic fundamentalism? Barrett: Well you&am...

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Who are we? 0    0

Boteach, on the need to temper masculinity. Ted Kennedy: Well in some ways it's altered. In some ways it's changed. In other ways it's remained the same. I t...

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Murray Low on Business Leadership 0    0

It's about motivating others, says Low.   Murray Low: Great business leadership, I'm not saying it's easy, but it's not that hard to make a lot ...

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Victoria Brown: What Was Your Favorite Big Think Blooper? 0    0

Sprinting for batteries in cowboy boots. Question: What was your favorite Big Think blooper? Victoria Brown: One of our first interviews was in Boston. And Eddie who runs the production, really had...

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What are you working on now? 0    0

The chair is the most difficult thing to build, says Lee Mindel. Karen Abbott: It's about Gypsy Rose Lee, and Depression era New York, and prohibitionary New York. And she was a really i...

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Re: What do you do? 0    0

Ireland as a beacon of hope for developing countries. Question: What do you do? Stephen Carter: I do a lot of things today, and the first things that I do today are not about my work because I think...

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Robert Bryce: Who's Fueling the American Military in Iraq? 0    0

http://bigthink.com Most of that fuel, Bryce says, is imported. Question: Who's fueling the American military in Iraq? Robert Bryce: Oh, sure, one in one of that the bitter ironies now...

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William Easterly: What is the Way Out of Poverty? 0    0

http://bigthink.com Easterly talks about poverty. Poor people are their own best resource in escaping poverty. They are very resourceful. They are already conquering problems every day that are many...

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Lisa Randall: Changing Our Understanding of Multiple Dimensi... 0    0

http://bigthink.com Exponential warping, Randall says, has large implications. Lisa Randall: Well I think the fact that there can be this exponential warping and it has these really dramatic implica...

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Irwin Kula: Where is Judaism Today? 0    0

http://bigthink.com Judaism today is a microcosm of the world: there are fundamentalists as well as those who see the state of Israel as an example grand peace and interdependence, as well as those w...

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Kishore Mahbubani: How Do You Account for the Rise of Ethno-... 0    0

http://bigthink.com When looking at Asia, Mahbubani thinks its important to distinguish between inter and intrastate tensions. Question: How do you account for the rise of ethno-nationalism? Kishor...

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Bill George: Has Capitalism Run Amok? 0    0

The dangers of appeasing Wall Street. Question:  Has capitalism run amok? Bill George: Well certainly when people are in there to take for themselves and are not concerned about the long-term hist...

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John Sexton: Education and Globalization 0    0

http://bigthink.com Sexton navigates a global stereophonic conversation about education. John Sexton:  Personally today, I'm in a very interesting stereophonic conversation.  In one e...

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Heidi Hammel: Becoming an Astronomer 0    0

http://bigthink.com Heidi Hammel rose to the challenge of a difficult college course. Topic: Becoming an Astronomer Heidi Hammel: My entry into astronomy was purely by chance.  I never set out to...

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Edet Belzberg: Making The Recruiter 0    0

http://bigthink.com Edet Belzberg discusses how she made her recent documentary about recruiting for the military.

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What makes a great chef? 0    0

Pepin, on the importance of technique.   Question: What makes a great chef?   David Chang:  Wow. I think a great chef is somebody that inspires his team and continues to push the envelope cooki...

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David Life: Who are you? 0    0

The beginnings of Life Cafe. David Life:  My name is David Life. I guess usually I'm labeled as the co-founder and . . . the co-founder of Jivamukti yoga. As most Americans, I&a...

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