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Signing a Commercial Lease 0    0

There are many things to consider when signing a commercial lease. Here, Jon Swire shares his insights both as a real estate professional and as a restaurant owner having recently signed a lease on a ...

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Pets in the Workplace 0    0

Offices have become more laid back than ever and it’s actually quite reasonable to ask if you should allow pets in the office. This video breaks down the considerations that should be made before we...

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Avoid Overselling 0    0

WP Elevation co-founder Troy Dean offers tips on how to avoid over selling to a new client. He recommends selling a discovery session or prototype first so you can figure out what the client’s speci...

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Top 5 TV Shows Every Entrepreneur Should Watch 0    0

One of the best ways an entrepreneur can learn about running their business just happens to be one that incorporates being a total couch-potato. So sit back, kick your feet up and binge on these 5 TV ...

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Top 10 Movies Every Entrepreneur Should Watch 0    0

Sometimes art imitates life, and sometimes life imitates art, but a good movie has the ability to do both. Here is a list of 10 movies every entrepreneur should watch. Docstoc is the premier online d...

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The Key to Writing Proposals 0    0

WP Elevation co-founder Troy Dean offers tips on how to write an engaging writing proposal so it actually gets read. By starting off with the benefits, and framing these benefits by speaking the clien...

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How To Become An Influencer 0    0

WP Elevation co-founder Troy Dean offers tips on how to become an influencer in your niche by leveraging the prestige that your market’s top influencers already have. A key way to accomplish this is...

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How To Position Yourself As Premium 0    0

WP Elevation co-founder Troy Dean offers tips on how to position your product or service as being premium within the market. Creating a useful product and distributing it to your peers, figuring out y...

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How To Get New Clients 0    0

WP Elevation co-founder Troy Dean offers tips on how to find new customers by identifying your strengths and passions, identifying who would benefit from them, as well as publishing free content that ...

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Getting Your First Customers 0    0

Docstoc founder Jason Nazar discusses the 5 most important rules to consider when trying to gauge customer interest. Jason is the Co-Founder and CEO of Docstoc (Acquired by INTUIT), the premier onli...

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Urbanspoon CEO Keela Robison at Startups Uncensored 46 0    0

Urban Spoon CEO, Keela Robison visits Jason Nazar on stage for Startups Uncensored #46 at Shutters On The Beach in Santa Monica, CA. Docstoc is the premier online destination to start and grow small ...

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10 Best Business Apps of 2014 0    0

Being an entrepreneur can be overwhelming, but thankfully there are more tools available than ever before to help you multitask. Invoicing, time management and marketing can all be taken care of in th...

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Raising Money: The Art of the Pitch 0    0

DocStoc founder Jason Nazar offers some insider tips on how to ace your investor pitch meeting to raise money. From learning how not to depend on your slides in lieu of having a real conversation, to ...

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5 Rules For Freelancers 0    0

Docstoc founder Jasan Nazar breaks down his five golden rules all freelancers should consider as they set out to start their own business. Jason is the Co-Founder and CEO of Docstoc (Acquired by INT...

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How To Approach Failure 0    0

Docstoc founder Jason Nazar explains his philosophy on failure, and why it is something to be embraced and not lamented while living the unpredictable life of an entrepreneur. Jason is the Co-Founde...

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The Entrepreneurial Mindset 0    0

Docstoc founder Jason Nazar ruminates on what characteristic most defines the entrepreneurial mindset: the willingness to dive into your startup and learn how to sink or swim. Jason is the Co-Founder ...

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TOP FIVE Contributors to Job Satisfaction 0    0

Are you satisfied in your job? A recent study by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) has revealed the top five factors that lead to employee satisfaction. Docstoc is the premier online ...

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TigerText CEO and Whisper Co-Founder, Brad Brooks at Startup... 0    0

Founder of Tigertext and Whisper Brad Brooks sat down for a fireside chat and talked about founding two startups in two years. Along with sharing his management style, he opened up about the many les...

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Restaurant Compliance and Health 0    0

Meeting all health compliances is a make or break situation for any restaurant. Employee hygiene, pest control as well as food storage and handling are essential standards of quality that must be uphe...

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Docstoc Academy: Starting a Restaurant 0    0

The restaurant industry is one of the most creative and rewarding there is, but it's also one of the most complicated and challenging. Whether you're an experienced chef or a...

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Online Presence For Your Restaurant 0    0

Online directories, internet ads, SEO and social media are all instrumental when it comes to branding your restaurant and connecting with your customers. Learn how to build -- and take advantage of --...

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Restaurant Perspective: Choosing a Location 0    0

Restaurant's live and die by their particular slice of real estate within the community. Experienced restaurateurs talk about the ins and outs of choosing the right location for their est...

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Are You Ready To Start a Restaurant? 0    0

Why do you want to start your own restaurant? And are you fully prepared to endure and overcome all of the financial and physical realities you will encounter in order to succeed? With a lot of passio...

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Restaurant Concept and Menu 0    0

The success of any restaurant generally hinges on two elements: the menu and the concept. Not only must your food be top notch, but the service style and decor will also contribute to the overall dini...

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