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Script Taste Introducing the Icon Creator 0    0

We believe social networks should be more social. Introducing the Icon Creator on Script Taste. It used to be a rumor that we were going to release an icon creator, but many issues were in the way fro...

Script Taste 677 views

Script Taste is out to the public 0    0

Script Taste is a brand new social network, but for developers. Allowing users to follow each other, get their message trending, earn badges, and meet new developers just like them.

Script Taste 659 views

Social Network For Developers 1    0

Introducing a new social network, but for developers. Join free today at scripttaste.com

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Script Taste Releasing Tomorrow 0    0

Don't be like Spongebob. Use Script Taste starting tomorrow for faster coding solutions. ow.ly/Uotvr

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Helping Developers With Script Taste 0    0

scripttaste.com Script Taste is a brand new Q&A service for developers, that's releasing on November 10th, 2015. Why pay someone to look at your code for an error, wh...

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What can Script Taste do for you? 1    2

Some people may ask, "What can users do on Script Taste?" Well, we have an answer for you!

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The Easiest QA Service For Coders 1    1

There's 18.5 million developers in the world, but how many know that Script Taste is a Question to Answer service for developers?

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Script Taste - QA Service Meets Coders 2    2

Script Taste introduces a Question and Answer service for coders such as programmers, developers, and those trying to learn how to code. Why waste your time trying to search for answers, and re-readin...

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